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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Logan's 1 month old!

Logan is now a month old...I can hardly believe it! Yesterday morning my daughter Sarah called and asked, at what age do baby's start rolling over... I thought it was about the 2 month mark or so. Well it seems our little man is rolling over already! Sarah had me get on the computer and with a webcam visit, Grandma got to watch him roll over. A VERY proud moment indeed! Logan only rolls from his stomach to his back (the easier of the two) but it's a roll none the less. The girls I watch during the day were all very excited too! We all watched on my laptop, as Logan did his daring rolls! The girls always think he's the coolest thing to watch :)

Then yesterday afternoon, seeing it was so nice out, Sarah and Logan came to visit! This was Logan's second visit to Gram's house. He's such a little sweetheart. Last weekend I had some shopping to do and I found 5 really cute outfits for the little dude. Here's 2 of them...

I have a hunch I'll be doing a lot of shopping in the baby department now. I can't believe all the new things they've come out with, since I had my 2 kids. Boy, times have changed .

Logan was only up for a brief time this trip. He was awake just long enough to get his diaper changed, let Grandma feed him a bottle and take a few pictures.

Here, his friend Nathan Josephs is giving tips for when it's time to start crawling!

                                 Grandma still managed to give the little guy lots of loving.

Soon it was snuggle time with Grandma and back to sleep he went.

                                          How can you NOT snuggle up to such a sweet child?
                                                          I could hold him like that all day.
                                                           Everything about him is perfect!

After all my little ones went home for the day, Sarah wanted to go to K-mart and see if she could find an Easter outfit for Logan. Mommy got him all ready to go and Grandma just HAD to take these pics!

                                                          Just too darn cute for words!
                                                            He's one very cool dude!

                            Then it was off to K-mart, Logan and Grandma's first shopping trip together!

Mommy did buy him those 2 outfits and a couple of pairs of pants. However, no Easter outfit. I think the little boys get jipped, there's tons of beautiful Easter dresses for little girls, all very pretty. Yet for the boys there was nothing until you get into the larger sizes, 12 months and up. Sarah was a little bummed, but we still have time to keep looking.

Well that's all there is to report for now. I'll leave you with just a few more pics... I know, there's a lot of pics, but hey, I'm a first time Grandma and that gives me braggin' rights, LOL. Enjoy the pics and stop back soon and see what's happening in Gram's & Logan's world :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm a Grandma!

Well, finally on February 15th, 2011 at 7:46 a.m., I became a Grandma! The precious Logan Gabriel Hunter arrived weighing in at 7lbs. 4 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long.

Becoming a Gram's was the most wonderful thing I've ever to becoming a Mom. Then seeing my little girl holding her own bundle of love for the first time, was a moment I will never forget.

Now, most blogs are done by Mommy, to show off her baby or baby's as the case may be. But, I'm going to do one on what it's like to be a Grandma! I'm sure it will be as much fun and entertaining, after all, I get to do all the fun stuff and then send him home, lol.

                              Here I am holding Logan for the very first time.... what a feeling!

Logan doesn't realize it yet, but he's pretty lucky to have me for a Gram's! I've done day care for 27 years and am still doing it. So little does he know, I'm up on all the latest child fads, I have complete knowledge of what's cool on Nick jr., not to mention a monkey themed playroom full of toys! I know how to do a wide range of fun art projects as well as sneaking in learning, without the kids even knowing it :) I'm a master at freeze dance and Tony Chestnut! Of course, it's going to be awhile before we get to do all that stuff.

                                     Now I'll leave you with some random pics of the sweet,
                                             little man while he was still in the hospital

                      On March 1st, at 2 weeks old, Logan made his first visit to Grandma's house...

                              He got lots and LOTS of cuddle's and hugs from Grandma J...

                           Logan also met a few new friends, this is his friend Madeline Josephs

                                                      And another friend, Lauryn Fell

                          The girls were very excited to meet "Miss Jeanette's" new grand baby.
                                Soon it was time for Mommy and Logan to head home.
                                   Grandma, kissed him good-bye and told him I loved
                                            him very much and would see him soon.

Oh, and I did let Grandpa Rick love him up too!
We don't want anyone thinking I hogged him the entire time, lol

Just a few more pics to enjoy.....

I also get to see Logan a couple times a week via webcam. I love it when my daughter Sarah calls and say's Logan wants to talk to Grandma!! That just melts my heart. I could watch him for hours on end and never get tired. In just the last 3 weeks, he's changed and grown.

                                  Well thanks for stopping by and checking out the new page,
                                             along with the new Gram's & Grandbaby. 
                                                          We'll be back soon!